It’s the shoes

His Airness gets a little greener.

Michael Jordan, M.J., Air Jordan, Money, His Airness or simply god as some of his fans call him, released the Air Jordan XX3 – Jordan’s first environmentally friendly sneaker Jan. 25.

The Air Jordan XX3 is the first of the storied line to be part of Nike’s “Considered” collection, which ensures sneakers are made from recyclable materials (i.e. 100 percent recyclable plastics or vegetable-tanned leathers) and use zero toxins or chemical adhesives.

The Nike Considered line began in 2003-2004, according to fashion designer jeffstaple, who has worked with the eco-friendly line since it was code-named “Nike Eco-Tech.”

Nike Considered shoes hit retail shelves in 2005 with products looking like this and this.

The Air Jordan XX3 represents a dramatic change in the aesthetic value of Considered sneakers, but consumers must be willing to shell out a lot of green to play in the environment-friendly Jordans.

The initial run of limited Air Jordan XX3s were only available in 23 stores nationwide with an MSRP of $230, but some stores still doubled the price knowing some sneakerheads have no price limit.

As great as it is that the most famous sneaker in the world is going green, I personally believe it’s just as strategic a marketing move as it is an environmental move.

The Air Jordan XX3 launches everywhere Feb. 16 with a black/red-themed colorway and Feb. 23 in a white/blue colorway. Both models will sell for $185.

Hannah Jones, Nike’s vice president of corporate responsibility, said it best with her comparison in a Fortune article about the new Air Jordans. She said the Air Jordan XX3 is the equivalent of “a Tesla, not a Prius,” referring to the $98,000, all-electric, luxury sports car being made by Tesla Motors.



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